Bauhaus twenty-21: An Ongoing Legacy

Although the name Bauhaus is well known internationally, few people are truly aware both of the complexity of its history and the diversity of its architectural legacy. Bauhaus is a German expression meaning “house for building”.

Anonymous Women: Draped

At first sight Patty Carroll’s faceless portraits appear to be a colorful variation on the themes of ludic role-plays and domestic decor, literally enveloping the subjects in a never ending flow of patterned textiles.

Small Town: Portraits of a Disappearing America

Intrigued by the continuing disappearance of rural towns in America, Brazilian born photographer Alex Leme spent two years capturing the silent mood of Cotton Plant, a small town of 650 nestled in the rural northeast portion of Arkansas, between Little Rock and Memphis, Tennessee. 

Silafondo: A Gift to You on Behalf of My Journey

Silafando, translated from the Mandinka ‘a gift to you on behalf of my journey’, is still a current practice between traveler and host. Upon arrival in each of the villages, Florio made the traditional offering, a bag of kola nuts, to the Alkalo, the elected village chief in the system of local leadership. 

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